The Coningsby Gallery

Debut Art

Outstanding contemporary illustration
and graphic and fine art.


Private View: Tuesday 24th September 5:00pm - 8:30pm.

Lifelines - an exhibition of paintings and mono-prints by 4 artists - Bev Sage, Meg Wroe, Anne Butler and Andrea Lippett.

In times of uncertainty, we all need a lifeline to pull us through. This exhibition explores the way visual artists throw a lifeline to the viewer. Lines drawn and painted give hope.

Anne Butler Anne Butler grew up on a farm in SW Scotland where she still paints. For her the land is the lifeline that sustains all things. In the words of Alistair McIntosh: I would rather we lost the entire contents of every art gallery in the whole world than lose forever the cry of the curlew.

Andrea Lippett Andrea Lippett is a UK based painter. Her figurative work is concerned with the variety of spaces that living beings choose to inhabit and the personalities that they project in private and public.

Bev Sage Life is beautiful… but sometimes leaves us dazed and confused. In times of uncertainty, often times we cling to a lifeline for survival, a source of salvation in a crisis to pull us through. In the context of continued fascination with urban urgency, the abstract layers in Sage’s mono prints show signs of hope alongside the wear and tear which threaten to break the lifelines that bring us home to safety.

Meg Wroe Meg Wroe paints on canvas, slate or wood capturing a sense of wonder in the midst of her urban neighbourhood. She is concerned with the Climate Crisis - the fragility of our ecosystem and air we breathe. We need a lifeline to save what we cherish and don’t want to lose.